The Eye of the Beholder
(Day 1 : 15th September 2003)

Budapest Keleti :

The tour started early!

(photo : Duncan Jennings)

Szolnoki D elágazás :

The tours first loco, V46 004, pauses on the curve to Szolnok yard for a photo-stop.

Szolnok-Rendezö :

A few minutes later and V46 004 paused again for another photo opportunity, this time in the yard at Szolnok.

Mezötúr :

Bonus loco no.1 ~ M62 194 runs up to the back of our train in order to propel us through a section with the overhead power switched off.

Gyoma :

Nice study of a driver at work.

Photo : Paul Griffin

between Gyoma and Dévaványa :

M32 2009 was the second "proper" loco of the tour.

Dévaványa :

M32 2009 after running round the train.

Vésztö :

M32 2032 ~ another "bonus" loco!

Vésztö :

A more elevated view of the train.

Photo : Denzil Morgan

Püspökladány :

M62 071 takes over from M32 2032.

Kaba :

Yes,  M62 071 is in a dire state!

Nádudvar :

M62 071 after running round the train in the run-round loop. The train then set back to the very end of the line.

Nádudvar :

The very end of the line.

Debrecen :

Gronking to the depot!

Debrecen :

"View from the bar!"

(photo : Duncan Jennings)

Debrecen depot :

M28 1014 was certainly in better external condition than M62 071!

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